This year, Netflix has released an interesting series called Delhi Crime.It’s coming back on dramatic event that happened in a cold evening of December 2012 in Delhi : a medical school student & her friend had been violently assaulted. The girl was so brutally raped that it triggered massive population’s uprisings in India.

The series is focusing on police investigation & the race against the clock to catch all rapers before losing all tracks of them. As story is told from the police team’s point of view, we can see the media’s impacts on field operations, the government’s pressure they had to handle while population’s anger is growing, asking for justice.All actors are acting very well, with a special mention for Shefali SHAH. Though, one reserve I had while watching it : I felt like the series had been produced to rehabilitate the police action in this case, hence it may not be fully unbiased. However, I read that the series director had spent 6 years of research to achieve the series’ story telling. So I assume it’s pretty closed to the facts.

I took note of few interesting thoughts shared by the characters :

-At the end of the series, as all culprits have been finally caught, the DCP (Shefali SHAH) is saying that we need to remember there are many other similar cases among India not judged yet, certainly never been.

-While following one track, one police team member is saying that poverty, no education & easy access to pornography can explain (not justify) such gruesome women assaults.

We can also noticed that all characters are dealing with the woman position question in hindou culture from their own family situation. One other point I found interesting is the emphasis put on the lack of financial means dedicated to the police service, explaining partially the struggle to maintain the security within the country.

There is also a heart-breaking documentary on this case, available on Netflix as well

India’s daughter

At the end of it, it’s recalling few figures related to women assaults in many countries worldwide.